Top 10 Halloween Slots

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Amsterdams Casino is providing many spooky video slots for you to play this Halloween season
Halloween is right around the corner and with it comes a little Halloween fun. Here are some of the best Halloween slots that you can take advantage of when it comes to getting a good spook and a little jackpot along the way.


This vampire themed game brings the action right to you. Not only can you get the vampire themed pictures, but if you are able to drink enough blood for the night - you can even cash out on the jackpot. Be prepared to have a delightfully good time.


This creepy, yet fun video slots game provides you with some of the scariest mythological creatures along the way. They try to stop you as you match up the right amount of pictures in a row. Can you beat Medusa and win the jackpot?


Owl Eyes provides a spooky, thrilling video slot that you can win big off of. Not only are there creatures of the night within the game, but you will find some of the best bonuses throughout the game. Watch out for the owl though, he can make you lose your wins.


This wacky, yet fun to play video slot machine allows you to get into the pirate spirit with a ship full of skeletons. Make sure to get the right combinations to win bonuses, and even the jackpot. Napoleon can be quite greedy, though - so watch out for him.


Munchers has many giant plants and animals that will munch on you if you do not spin right. So make sure to put in the right bet, spin the wheel and see where it lands. Match the right pictures - win the jackpot, match the wrong ones and be munched!


Potion factory is a fun video slots game that allows you to be a witch, mad scientist or anyone that is able to mix up some potions that can be used for just about anything. Match the right combinations and win yourself a nice big bonus.


When it comes to night time, no one wants to be left locked outside. However, in this fun slot game, you have to make sure to make it through the entire night. Pull the reel and see what is in your cards. Think you can make it?


This fun slot machine is able to bring the ghosts right to you. Spin the reel and see if you can win the bonuses, or the jackpot. Make your money go further, and always pay attention for the ghouls that are out there to steal your cash!


This game is a big fun and cartoonish, but it still brings the Halloween spirit when it comes to spinning and seeing what you’re able to win. Who knew that playing with ghosts could be so much fun? Ghouls gold is able to show you just how much fun you can have.


Know an alien or two? The Invaders are able to bring you some more fun on your Halloween night. See what these aliens are up too each time you spin. There are bonus spins waiting to be given out, and you can even get a jackpot win if you capture the aliens!

Play these great Halloween slot games now with a free bonus at Amsterdams Casino!

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