How to Play Slots

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Slot Machines are the simplest form of gambling out there - or are they?
There's a reason that slot machines take up most of the floor space of most bricks and mortar casinos (and are located by the doors). They are easy to play, a lot of fun, and oh so tempting. They are also very profitable for the casinos. On the internet, most casinos have a lot of slot machine options and heavily promote them for much the same reasons.

Slot machines are very simple for all their fancy graphics, multiline play, you put your money in, pull the lever - although even in reel (sorry) life these days pressing a button is becoming the only way of playing - and watch it spin. It will tell you if you have won or not, and then you repeat the process until your money is gone, your time is up, or you've won a big jackpot and need to go spend it on limo rides and strippers (or whatever your idea of a good time is).

So, are there any secrets to playing slots?

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